Design small kitchen with refrigerator in the Khrushchev 5-6 sq. M. + 190 PHOTO of real and practical layouts


The design of the kitchen in Khrushchev, too, can strike with their individuality. Do not think that it is so difficult. It has a lot of advantages that you like. Despite the small size of the room, you can realize a lot of ideas. The main thing is to approach the creation of the interior wisely.


Problems Khrushchev kitchens

The most problematic part of the apartment in terms of combining functionality and pleasant design is the kitchen, especially when it comes to the apartment of Khrushchev's building.

Small kitchen in Khrushchev

The main disadvantages of these kitchens are always an extremely small area and very low ceilings.

Gasification also often interferes, because gas pipes and columns do not paint the interior at all. Yet the owners of such kitchens do not despair, because almost always the kitchen in Khrushchev has non-bearing partitions, which allows you to expand the space by restructuring.

Expansion of space by adjustment

In addition, many manufacturers of kitchen furniture and technology work specifically for owners of small kitchens, so that there is always a suitable model.

Choose a suitable model.

This also applies to interior designers who are able to offer interesting options for just such a case.

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The first and most obvious option involves the complete restructuring of your kitchen by adding additional squares at the expense of another room.

Increasing the kitchen through the living room

Undoubtedly, such a process will require a lot of time and cost, so you should pay attention to it in order not to get problems in the future. Need to remember about:

  • competent planning, so as not to demolish the bearing wall;
  • construction debris and dust;
  • coordination of their repair in the housing office.

Solve all the nuances and enjoy the space

There are many options. You can not completely rebuild the wall, creating a simple arch of plasterboard, only if you do not conduct a full daily cooking, but in this case you can also make a dining room from the next room.

You can increase the space due to the arch of any shape

Redevelopment is ideal for kitchens with gasification, so that it is convenient to arrange the necessary equipment.

Place any equipment

If next to the kitchen is a bathroom and toilet, then by combining the toilet with the bathroom replaced with a shower, you can achieve a significant free area under, for example, a refrigerator.

It should be noted that such redevelopment is often allowed only to residents of the first floors.

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Masking gas column

If you do not want to rebuild several rooms, but the geyser and pipes still extremely interfere, you can get rid of them, at least visually, by disguising them under a hanging cabinet.

Mask the excess under the hanging cabinets

In this case, you can choose a model that fits the overall style of the kitchen. Remember, however, that for such a method need to consider a few points:

  • Be sure to consult with a specialist to analyze whether such changes will affect the fire safety of the apartment.
  • Already according to recommendations of the expert pick up a suitable case to order.
  • Spend a competent wall insulation.
  • Check the availability of the required holes for the corrugations and the gas pipe.

Choose a multifunctional cabinet

This option will not only allow the use of a certain area occupied by the column, but also make the appearance of the room more pleasant.

Make the room look more pleasant

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Work with a window sill

Few people in the interior will use the window sill rationally, but in the case of a small room, it can be an excellent reserve for proper space saving.

Sill - reserve for space

The window sill can be lengthened and strengthened with a pair of supports by arranging a bar counter or simply a family dining table.

Window sill bar or family table?

It is necessary to take into account at the same time that the warm air from the radiator must still reach the window, for which vents are made in the table top.

Literate table - space saving

Also it is perfect for use as a desktop, if on both sides It turns out to install:

  • washing;
  • stove;
  • cupboards with kitchen utensils.

As an option for the desktop

However, in this case, the window must be slightly raised, which is not required for the table and stand. The radiator, by the way, is often perfectly hidden behind the cabinets, which are located under the desk for convenience.

The radiator is perfectly hidden behind the cupboards

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Special furniture and appliances

It is possible to solve the problem with the size of the kitchen without major repairs and special rebuilding by buying special furniture for small kitchens, which was mentioned at the very beginning.

Buying special furniture for a small kitchen

It is best to buy to order, many stores have long provided such a service, but you can buy furniture from the catalog. For small kitchens will suit several options.

Choose furniture from the catalog

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Built-in furniture

This type of furniture is perfect for apartments of the Khrushchev planning, as it helps to maximize the available space and rationally arrange the necessary zones.

Effectively utilize the available space

A frequent model of this type is a corner sink with a table top, an excellent addition to which will be a corner plate on the other side.

Corner sink for convenience

Remember that for proper planning it is necessary to take into account every centimeter, because often you have to take furniture to order.

Consider every inch

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Embedded technology

The same case, allowing to unload the kitchen area to the maximum. Usually, special gas cookers with a built-in oven or a cabinet for small items are used as built-in appliances.

Find a place for small things.

This type includes washing machines, dishwashers and a refrigerator, located under the desk.

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The best option to create a multifunctional interior, necessary to create several zones at the same time.

Create multiple zones at once

Obviously, folding and pull-out tables, folding chairs, and shelves that are optional, are required to help in constantly changing the kitchen for the needs of cooking and family meals.

Folding chairs in the interior of the kitchen

In addition, these models usually create a fairly stylish design in the spirit of minimalism, without heaping a small area and allowing you to be free in the kitchen.

The spirit of minimalism in the kitchen-baby

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Furniture without corners

The corners, which is important, also occupy a certain area, sometimes not allowing to quietly move especially around a small room.

Soft corners increase space

And especially the corner kitchen will greatly benefit if you can buy rounded furniture. This is a great way to not only unload the place, but also to create an interesting smooth design.

Interesting smooth transition with rounded furniture

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Small appliances such as mini-appliances and multifunctional appliances will also allow you to leave the convenience of working in the kitchen without taking up much space.

Mini appliances in the mini kitchen

For example, for a young couple or a separate apartment owner living alone, a small fridge 55 centimeters wide and a narrow oven 45 centimeters will suffice.

Use narrow technique for comfort.

For a standard family with a child, a stove with just three burners and an oven with a built-in microwave oven will be enough.

Convenient 3 in 1 oven

In order not to waste space on a permanent opening door, you can buy a sliding door or simply change the direction to open the door to the outside.

The first option looks much more stylish and more pleasant, in addition, it is more functional and does not involve bringing smells from the kitchen when you open it.

Choose the right direction to open the door.

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Light colors in the interior

Creating an interior in bright colors will visually create the illusion of free space, which is why owners of Khrushchev’s kitchens should choose furniture and pastel shades.

Pastel shades in the interior of the kitchen

When planning the interior design, try to focus on the monochrome, painting the walls and filling the floor with the color chosen for furniture and the headset.

Monochrome colors of furniture and headset

To get rid of some sterility, you can make some color spots in the form of bright patterns on curtains and cabinets, as well as with the help of small kitchen equipment, but do not overdo it.

Color spots in the form of bright patterns on the walls

Undoubtedly, this method will not eliminate the need to abandon a large amount of furniture or a bulky headset, but it will make the overall style visually more accurate.

Neat style in color accents

You do not need to be afraid that it is much more difficult to care for objects in light shades, because in this case pollution is even better visible and easier to remove, of course, if it is not textiles.

Bright kitchen - easy cleaning

By the way, quite successfully, white tones will help solve the problem with gas pipes and a water heater, if they are not removed, because they will be lost on a light background.

White color - masking for pipes

Even dark shades are able to expand the kitchen visually, if you use them on vertical surfaces - working apron, door, pieces of the wall or the doors of the cabinets.

It is enough to leave the remaining zones light, giving dark spots the opportunity to visually go deep.

Dark color to expand the space

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Optical illusion design

In contrast to the game with light and dark shades, this method is used in design much more often, because it is more common among manufacturers and designers.

Diagonal in the interior

Here are some ways you can at least visually increase the space:

1 Most often in small rooms it is advised to lay the floor diagonally, which allows you to visually push the walls. If a wooden floor is chosen, then the laying goes to the tree.

Make it easier to clean the floor with light floorboards.

2 As mentioned earlier, one of the main problems of Khrushchev houses are low ceilings, and it is solved by pasting wallpaper into a small diamond or a thin vertical strip.

Horizontal pattern can help illusoryly increase the width of the kitchen already, but this requires ceilings about 3 meters high.

Increased space by narrow stripes on the ceiling

3Prequently in the design are also used wallpaper. For small rooms, it is worth taking a wallpaper with a sense of perspective, allowing you to visually extend the room.

Remember that in this case it is better to choose a minimalistic and neutral calm design.

Minimalistic wallpaper design.

4 Distributed in the design of small rooms and focus with a mirror, not enough for kitchens. In order not to constantly have to wash the mirror surface, you can install a large mirror, but on the other side of the plate, the sink and the working surface as a whole.

If you do not cook all the time, then a nice version with a mirror apron will do, especially if the surface reflects the window.

BoardTry to use in the design colors such as pale gray, beige, peach, gray blue, light green, pale yellow and cream.

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Purchase suitable curtains. TOP 4 best decisions

In general, curtains are a constant attribute of any room, in our case, even such a trifle can help in creating a large space in a small kitchen. Shorts can be of the following types:

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The first and most obvious advantage of this particular type is functionality, because they are not only compact, but can also be installed on different surfaces - a wall, a ceiling or a window frame.

At the same time, one is fairly easy to clean. In stores it is easy to find models of the desired color.

Multifunctional curtains in the kitchen

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The difference with plisse is that you don’t have to buy two models, because you will be able to close both the top and the bottom parts at will separately.

This allows you to adjust the lighting in the room, which will save space and the estimated additional lamps. In addition, this option fits perfectly into a minimalist design.

Pleated curtains to save lighting

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Kind of curtains, ideal for soft and elegant design in bright colors in its style. The very appearance of the Roman curtains gives the interior some airiness, which also visually relieves the space.

Such models are better suited for kitchens that overlook the shadow side.

Soft and elegant design in bright colors.

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No curtains

In case your room faces north with your windows, you should give up the curtains altogether so as not to fill the space with them.

Wonderful option without curtains

Then on the sides of the window you can arrange small shelves or cabinets where the necessary inventory will be stored.

Flowers on the window, too, as an option

It is worth recalling that storing food and spices around the window is undesirable due to high humidity.

It should be noted that in any case, the curtains should fit the overall style and it is important that they are not too thick and without massive decorations.

Simple curtains, but also time elegant

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Choosing the right lighting

Competently built lighting will help to visually expand the space, even with a lack of free space in practice.

Proper lighting with insufficient space

In this case, make sure that the natural light from the window is not blocked by any objects. Also, you should forget about the central chandelier, which creates a lot of unpleasant and extra shadows.

Forget about the central chandelier

The chandelier can be replaced by mounting several small spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling.

Use spotlights

Sconces that can be placed on the walls of the kitchen from different sides will also be suitable.

Do not forget to make a separate emphasis on the working area, also having installed several lamps in the bottom of the cabinet or shelf above the table.

Remember the spotlights near the working area

Although the repair process in Khrushchev is quite long and requires attentiveness, the finished result in the form of a comfortable and stylish kitchen is really possible.

Planning Khrushchev with kitchen

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